6 Nov

Bible Verses for Athletes | Abortion | Addiction and Angles

Bible Verse for Athletes

The Bible speaks typically of athletic analogies and stories as encouragements for diligent. There are several verses that may supply athlete’s motivation and inspiration for coaching and competition. Bear in mind that whether or not you win or lose, God may be authorized through your toil and effort!


Bible Verses regarding Abortion

Throughout Scripture, God affirms the worth of each human life—from kids within the female internal reproductive organ to the older. Let these Bible verses inspire you regarding however valuable you’re within the sight of the One Who created you and gave you life.

Bible Verses regarding Addiction

Lives are stuffed with numerous varieties of temptations. It’s our forgiving God’s words wherever folks will realize the encouragement and strength to beat these cravings. These Bible verses give inspiration to overcoming the facility of addiction with the religion and spirit of the Lord.

Bible Verses regarding free love

Many people address Scripture to search out the definition of free love and the way it applies to wedding and divorce. Free love refers to the act of a married individual having sexual relations with somebody although their married person. God’s word tells us simply however harmful free love may be, however it additionally speaks of grace and mercy from a gaga God. Typically those who commit free love or who are deeply hurt by their spouse’s free love marvel regarding forgiveness, divorce, and alternative consequences from this sin. Browse these Bible verses regarding free love to be told additional regarding this damaging sin and why its result is therefore nice.

Bible Verses regarding Angels

There are many alternative depictions of angels within the world nowadays. We are fascinated by the concept of heavenly beings and it is not onerous to search out jewellery, art, or maybe garden decorations with small baby cherub or elegant beings. Several folks would be stunned to check what the Bible should say regarding angels! These Bible verses regarding angels can provide you with a real image of those heavenly beings.

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