25 Jan

Simple steps to prune your fruit trees easily!

We plant the fruit trees to get the beautiful loving fruits out of them within few years but after planting the tree we find the fruit tree with the overgrown bushes that destroys the beauty of the garden. It is really necessary to properly trim the tree with regular intervals. Trimming or pruning is not a difficult task and but it is entirely different to trim through the different fruit trees as there are many different ways. There are some simple steps that you can follow to cut through the different fruit trees.

Generally, we have fruit trees of Apples, pears, quince, peaches, cherries, apricots, plums etc. This method is suitable for these kinds of fruit trees. The trimming of fruit trees is good in summer and winter also so you can start whenever you want.


First of all, you need to clean all the damaged and waste wood from the fruit tree. Check out fruit tree trunk as well. If you have noticed there are some sprouts coming out of the fruit tree trunk, they are called suckers you need to clean them at regular intervals.


Next step while pruning the fruit tree is to thin out the tree branches and let the light and air go into the canopy that will further help in better growth of the fruit and it will also help in reduction of pest and diseases in the fruit tree. There is a simple process that you need to follow for the better growth of the fruit.

First of all, you need to remove the tree branch that is grown towards the down, or towards the center of the tree or crosses the path of another branch of the fruit tree. You will have to distribute all the branches evenly and there should be an even distribution of space between the different branches of the fruit trees.


Now the last step is to give a proper shape to the fruit tree and trim all the outer growth of the tree so that all the outer branches should have the shorter and thicker growth as they will grow slowly rather than to have a long and thin branch with less growth. This methodology is similar to shaping the hedges in your backyard using one of your best hedge trimmers for making the hedges dense. For the tree, you have to trim the tree that it should remain with the 60 -70 percent of its actual growth. Prune each branch carefully and mark a cut above the quarter inch of a bud into the direction that you want your fruit tree to grow.

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